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Welcome to Hassle free living.Now you can take your home with you, want turn off the AC,Geyser,Fans,Lights from Mobile Phone.You can control Your home from any where with EASYIOT..
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Smart Automation Solutions - EASYIOT

Any house to a Smart Home seamlessly within hours. We are driving India’s transition to switchless homes. By making Smart Home solutions reliable, and affordable, we aim to transform the way you live.

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Easy installation, configuration at customer’s convenience, we strive to provide the best in class customer experience

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Our Flexible Offerings As per your Requirement to automate Your complete Home…

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EASYIOT Automation

You can literally make your home smart, anytime

We have created an infrastructure, which can be leveraged to solve many pertinent problems in an industrial, commercial and residential space.

For Further Information, We Would Love To Invite You To contact us For Your Home and office Automation Needs

The days of complex wired home automation is over.welcome to the world of wire free smart homes with EASYIOT.

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